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How To Quit Smoking with These 7 Easy Tips

Posted: February 12, 2015 by in Recovery Care Treatment Services

Quitting smoking is a difficult and overwhelming challenge due to the many hardships that you have to go through before you can successfully end the addiction to nicotine. However, that’s only a stigma that many smokers tend to believe. If you make a conscious decision to quit smoking and keep in mind that everything is possible, you don’t have to use complex solutions to battle your addiction to smoking.

To give you a baseline on where and how start quitting, you can rely on these 7 easy tips:

Tip # 1

A good way to begin setting yourself up to stop smoking is by changing your current smoking routine. Try to smoke with the hand you don’t usually use to hold a cigarette or put your cigarette pack in different place every time. By doing this, you tend to break the habitual actions that you have developed over the course of smoking.

Tip # 2

Find a friend who will quit along with you. A friendly rivalry will be helpful to make you stick with your desire to totally quit smoking. It is a human nature to always seek a win rather than to lose.

Tip # 3

Select an unconventional place to designate as the only place you can light up a cigar. A house roof for example would be a good choice because smoking in such area will eventually make you lose your appetite to smoke because it’s too troublesome to climb to the rooftop just to have a quick puff.

Tip # 4

Get rid of all the paraphernalia that you associated with smoking such as ashtrays, cigarette packs, and matches or lighters the night before you finally quit. These will fundamentally change your habits in the morning. Instead of grabbing a cigar the moment you wake up, you will find that every item connected with smoking is no longer available.

Tip # 5

When the urge to smoke strikes, prolong the urge to reach for a cigarette for a couple of minutes until the craving goes away. Think of something else, keep your focus away from the cigarettes. Have a drink of water or chew a piece of gum to give your mouth and mind something to do other than smoke. You can do a lot of things to disrupt your cravings until it subsides.

Tip # 6

Display a picture of the negative effects of smoking in your room or in a place where you spend most of your time. Seeing an image of lungs infected with cancer is not enticing to look at and that might encourage you to drop your pack of cig.

Tip # 7

When travelling, having tiny items like candies which you can put into your mouth immediately will be of great use when confronted with the urge to smoke. A piece of dark chocolate surely taste better than nicotine.

If all else fails, you can always seeking professional assistance from a nicotine and alcohol rehabilitation in Missouri. They are more than willing to help you with your alcohol addiction problem.  They can give you unique addiction treatment plan that is appropriate to your specific needs.

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