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Signs and Symptoms of Teen Drug Abuse

About 22.5 million Americans 12 or older in 2004 were classified with past year substance dependence or abuse. Nearly 8% of teens who drink say they drink at least five or more alcoholic drinks at once so they are binge drinkers. There are some effects of teens abusing alcohol such as flushed skin, glazed eyes, irritability, aggression, avoidance, alcohol odor on breath, and impaired coordination.

Marijuana abuse is also on the public eye. Due to smoking marijuana heavily in their teens, people lost an average of 8 points in IQ between the ages 13-38. There are also some side effects that you may notice under the influence of marijuana use such as burnt odor, drives slowly, reddened or hazel eyes, hunger referred to as munchies and slow reaction time.

The key is to find the right treatment center that can create a pattern of sobriety for an addicted person. Then a family can pay off with the return of a productive, sober life for their loved one.

Signs and Symptoms of Teens Drugs Abuse in America

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